See Yep Association 18th Committee Inauguration 10/09/2017
See Yep Association held their 18th Committee Inauguration on Sunday 10th September 2017, after their election earlier this year in June. The event took place in Chung Ku Restaurant with over 140 guests attending. The guests of honour were Chinese Deputy Consul General Lai Bo, Madam Xu, Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, Lady Mayoress Mrs Liliana Kennedy and Consul Wu. Amongst our distinguished guests were Deputy Lieutenant Colonel Martin Amlôt, Mrs Daphne Amlôt, Deputy Mayor Councillor Wendy Simon, Inspector Tom Welsh, Sergeant Amanda Hamilton, leaders of the Liverpool and Wirral Chinese community organisations, Manchester Ng Yep Association, representatives from China Taiping Insurance, Bank of China.

The ceremony began by the taking of the oath by all committee members, witnessed by Deputy Consul General, the Lord Mayor, and two Life Honorary Members; Mr Shu Hing Cheung and Mr Fuk Hsien Jung. This was followed by the presentation of certificates to all committee members by Deputy Consul General and the Lord Mayor. The certificate presentation only takes place once every ten years, and this year is the tenth year since the last certificate presentation. All members felt very proud to receive their certificates, and will treasure them always.

After the inauguration, Chairman Mr Ken Tam gave his speech, which reminded everyone the See Yep Association’s successful history, and encouraged the present committee members to fulfil their commitment and duties to the association and to the Chinese community. He eagerly anticipates the present members will devote their time and effort to develop the association, enable it to progress and advance with great momentum.

Mr Ken Tam gave a second speech dedicated to Deputy Consul General Lai Bo, as he is near to completing his term of office of three years at the Chinese Consulate in Manchester and due to return to China soon. Mr Ken Tam praised Deputy Consul General for his commitment in assisting the local Chinese communities in the North of England area which he covers. His close relationship with Liverpool Chinese community was especially appreciated. His energy and enthusiasm working with the Chinese community is recognised by many. Mr Ken Tam wished Deputy Consul General and his wife Madam Xu a prosperous future and good health.

In Deputy Consul General Lai Bo speech, he responded to Mr Ken Tam’s kind words with mutual admiration. He praised Ken Tam’s personal achievement, and See Yep Association’s recognition by the Queen last year. Although he is returning to China soon, he looks forward to returning to visit the UK, and will drop in to the Liverpool Chinese community.

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool echoed the same sentiment as Deputy Consul General. He jokingly said the age of See Yep Association is older than his father’s. He offered his congratulations to See Yep Association in supporting the Chinese community for over 110 years, and encouraged them to take up his challenge of seeing a Chinese Lord Mayor elected in Liverpool within the next twenty years.

The First Vice-Chair gave his thank you speech to thank all families and friends for helping to organise the event. He also thanked the people who kindly donated to this event, making it a successful one.

This was followed by lion dance performance by the Hung Gar Kung Fu School. There were three lions, including a junior one. They were energetic and colourful. The lions danced and circulated amongst the tables, greeting all the guests.

Group photographs are an integral part of the inauguration. The guests of honour and distinguished guests posed with each group; the chairman group, the executive officers group, the supervisory officers group and the Ladies Group.

When everyone took their seats, the banquet began. The scrumptious food and drinks were served by the attentive staff of Chung Ku Restaurant. During the banquet, members and guests alike enjoyed a karaoke sing song, including the Deputy Consul General and the Lord Mayor. They both have amazing voices. Everyone had a fun filled time.

Finally, the raffle draw. There were twenty-four prizes mostly donated by other Chinese community organisations and businesses. The first prize was a money tree with £180 hung from it.

Mr Ken Tam then presented the Lord Mayor the donations from See Yep Association, and from himself to the Lord Mayor Charity Appeal. See Yep Association’s donation was £100, and Mr Ken Tam’s donation was £50. The Lord Mayor was delighted to receive the donations on behalf of the charity.

The event was hosted by Ming Wang and Wing W Wong. Ming Wang did an excellent job in translating Deputy Consul General’s and The Lord Mayor’s speeches.


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