See Yep Association 18th Executive Committee

On 16th July 2017, See Yep Association announced the successful election result of the 18th Executive committee members. The high turnout for this election shows our members were very enthusiastic. It was also a great opportunity for us to get together, creating a warm atmosphere at the election. We always have a strong bond of friendship and care for each other.

Chairman Mr. Ken Tam BEM, who has also received the British Citizens Award, has been re-elected for the eighth time. His outstanding leadership has gained him everyone's trust and support. We believe under his leadership and management; See Yep Association will continue to flourish and has a better and brighter future ahead.

In addition, the former Chinese Secretary and Vice Chairman Mr. Fuk Hsien Jung has now served See Yep Association for more than twenty years. On the day, he announced his glorious retirement, all members have unanimously elected him as our honorary life member. He has been indomitable and spared no effort to deal with all the association’s important matters. Gaining the recognition at this time and to be elected as an honorary life member he is rightfully deserved.

See Yep Association will be holding the 18th Committee inaugural ceremony on 10th September at Chung Ku Restaurant, Liverpool.


Ken Tam BEM BCAc

First Vice-Chair
George Tam

Nancy Chan  ·  Steve Yu  ·  Chen Zhao Lian  ·  Yung Kin Jung  ·  Ying Kit Wong  ·  Hsien Huo Liu

Honorary Life Members
Shu Hing Cheng  ·  Fuk Hsien Jung

Honorary Members
Sun Mei Ng  ·  Michael Yung  ·  Wan Yee Lee ·  Jimmy Woo  ·  Jee Fon Wong  ·  Wai Yuen
C D Chan  ·  Stephen Chung

Honorary Consultant
Dr Kai Hung Lee  ·  Alan Seatwo  ·  James Liu  ·  Ming Wang

Chinese Secretary
Kin Shing Lui

Deputy Chinese Secretary
Steve Yu  ·  Zhan Tang Chen

English Secretary
Wing Wai Wong

Deputy English Secretary
Betty Tam  ·  Vivienne Yuen

Harry Chan

Deputy Treasurers
Wing Wai Wong  ·  Hsien Huo Liu

Social Secretary
Wai Shuen Wong

Deputy Social Secretaries
Jing Chang Xu  ·  Keith Jung

Welfare Officer
Yeuk Man So

Deputy Welfare Officers
William Wong  ·  David Au

Executive Officers
K J Chan  ·  Y H Chau  ·  C B Yan  ·  Andy Yu  ·  S W Gong  ·  M L Lui
Y D Yung  ·  Chick Wing Yuen  ·  K C Chiu  ·  Mr Xu  ·  Mr Mui

Chief Monitor
Hin Wall Lau

Deputy Chief Monitor
C K Tam

Supervisory Officer
Xi Yu Lei

Deputy Supervisory Officer
Lin Kwai Yan

Inspectorial Officer
Tian Hui Chen

Deputy Inspectorial Officer
Shui Wai Yung

Kui Wing Au  ·  T H Chan  ·  Wai Ting Wong  ·  Wen Chia Huang  ·  C Y Chan  ·  C W Chu
H P Chu  ·  K P So  ·  C K Wai  ·  C P Chan  ·  C M Tam  ·  T M So  ·  D T Chu  ·  Sun Guk Chan
Sui Ping Cheong

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