Chapter 1:



The Organisation shall be called See Yep Chinese Association, hereafter to be referred to as "the Organisation".
Assets: The organisation’s premise is a freehold property situated at: 22 Nelson Street, Liverpool L1 5DN, England. The organisation also purchased other fixed assets.
Logo: Four circles inter-link with each other represent unity, support for each other.
Aims: The organisation is registered non-profit making organisation which aims to liaise with British Chinese to strengthen unity; develop businesses and social welfare; support the elderly; protect our member’s right. We promote and preserve traditional Chinese culture and customs; avoid interference with politics and religious beliefs.

Membership of the Organisation shall be open to any person with See Yep decent, minimum aged 18, good characters, regardless of gender or occupation. All members must agree with the organisation’s constitution and follow the organisation’s rules.
Subscribe Membership:
All membership applications must be approved by the General Committee.
  Member’s rights and responsibilities:
Rights: All full members are entitled to use the organisation’s services and facilities. They have rights to vote, to be elected and to advise the General Committee. Members, with See Yip decent and they are not full members, have the right to advise the General Committee and they are entitled the use of the services as the organisation defined.
Responsibilities: Members must agree and follow the organisation’s constitution; plans and actions approved by the General Committee.
Members must carry out duties as appointed.
All members must pay for the member’s fee and accept full responsibility to maintain the ongoing of the organisation.
Members must sponsor the organisation’s development activities.
Members must promote the organisation to other See Yep people.
Members must preserve the goodwill of the organisation.
General Meeting: General Committee is the highest authority within the organisation which has the right to elect, suspend, revote and amend the constitution. General meeting shall be held every three years during June public holiday. 14 clear days’ written notice shall be given to Members of the General Meeting via displays, public notice in Chinese newspaper and other necessary means. Special General Meetings may be convened by the General Committee No quorum is required for the General Meeting.

Elected officers for General Committee and Women’s Group are for three years but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year. They are also responsible for the running of the organisation after each General Meeting.

No regular General Committee meeting is required; decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those Full Members attending the meeting. In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

The General Committee is responsible for planning, day-to-day running and future development of the organisation. It consists of thirty-one members; two reserved members; the Chair, the First Vice Chair and six Vice Chair; Chinese Secretary and English Secretary; Treasury, Recreation & Welfare Groups; a General Duty Officer. Each group has the Chief Officer and Assistant Chief Officer, Recreation Group has three group members (each post can be shared). The appointment of General Duty Officer is decided by the General Committee.

The Chair manages administration of the organisation and implements the decision from the General Committee.

First Vice Chair and Vice Chair support the Chair’s decisions and implement the action as required.

Chinese Secretary supports the planning of the organisation; define duties and procedure; promotion; internal general administration and external written communication.

English Secretary is responsible for internal and external translation.

Treasurer manages the finance records of the organisation and produce annual finance reports.

Recreation Officer manages celebration events and other recreation activities.

Welfare Officer manages the charity activities and the organisation member’s welfare.

General Duty Officer is responsible for the all-purpose functions of the organisation premise; purchase and maintain equipment; and support other group’s activities as required.

Governance Committee oversees the functions of General Committee and its groups; approve any annotations subject to both committee members’ and general members’ conduct.

Chief Officer and Vice Chief Officer manage the running of the governance committee consists of audit and investigation role.
Audit: Inspect the organisation finance records.
Investigation: Governance conducts of Members, General Committee and Women’s Group.
Women's Group: The group consists of 31 members, including a Chief Executive, a First Deputy Chief Executive, three Deputy Chief Executives; Chinese Secretary; English Secretary and Pubic Relations; Recreation group. Each department within the women group has a chief and an assistant officer.

Chief Executive overseas the running of the women’s group.

First Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive support the Chief Executive to co-ordinate works within the group, plan work schedule and implement tasks.

Chinese Secretary is responsible for translation within the Group.

Public Relations Officers liaise with female members in UK.

Recreation Officers organise celebration evens and other leisure activities.
Members Election: All members must attend General Meeting in order to vote. The election is based on: one person; one vote system. All proposed elect members will be named openly. General Committee should have no more than thirty on elected names; Governance Committee should have no more than twenty-one elected names and Women’s Group should have no more than thirty-one elected names.

Election is based on majority vote.

All successful candidates are among the three groups: General Committee; Governance Committee and Women’s Group. Among them each candidate elects member for each group.
Code of conduct: If any members of the organisation are proved to infringe of code of conduct by Governance Committee and Women’s Group such as: not fulfil members’ responsibilities; damage the organisation’s reputation; interference with the running of the organisation; perform any illegal activities leading to damage the reputation of the organisation etc., their membership will be withdrawn. All membership fees are non-refundable.
Any committee members and officers should inform secretary in advance if absence from meeting.
When committee members or officers are absence from meeting three times respectively, a written warning will be issued. If no reason is stated after the written warning, the membership will be withdrawn during next General Meeting.
Appendix: Any amendments of the constitution have to been approved by General Committee and General Meeting.
The organisation appointed professionals and community members to support our development. Such personnel have a right to advice but do not have voting right.

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