Chinese Consul General Visit 23/08/2017
Newly appointed Manchester Chinese Consulate based Consul General Sun Dali, along with Consul Wu and Consul Liu came to visit the Liverpool Chinese community on Wednesday 23rd August 2017. Their tour was accompanied by Ken Tam and other Chinese community leaders. They started by visiting Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre in the morning; followed by Pagoda Chinese Community Centre, where the Chinese Youth Orchestra led by Zilan Liao, performed for the consular party. Consul General presented awards to some of the orchestra musicians for their talent, commitment and enthusiasm. The consular party then visited Chung Hok House which is a sheltered housing accommodation for the elderly. Over 50% of the residents are Chinese.

At the end of the morning tour, Consul General Sun Dali, Consul Wu and Consul Liu were invited to enjoy a banquet lunch at Chung Ku Restaurant, where they were joined by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Malcolm Kennedy and Lady Mayoress Mrs Liliana Kennedy. Many members of the Chinese community also came to meet our VIP guests and joined in the banquet. Ken Tam, represented all Chinese community organisations, delivered the welcome speech to the Consul General and The Lord Mayor. The Consul General and The Lord Mayor responded by delivering their respective speeches to over 70 guests at the banquet.

After lunch, the consular party was accompanied by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress on their afternoon tour of Liverpool Chinatown. First, they visited Che Kung Tong (Chinese Freemason), then See Yep Association, where Ken Tam gave a short talk on the association’s history. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress then had to leave to attend another engagement. The consular party accompanied by the Chinese Community leaders continued to visit other organisations; Hoy Yin Association, Chinese Wellbeing (a service provider for the Chinese elderly), and the New Chinatown Development site. Consul General was especially interested in the progress of the New Chinatown development.

We feel very humbled and honoured to have Consul General Sun Dali, Consul Wu, Consul Liu, The Lord Mayor Councillor Malcolm Kennedy and Lady Mayoress Mrs Liliana Kennedy visiting Liverpool Chinatown, especially their visit to our association. It has been a memorable day for us which we will treasure.


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