On the 8th March, See Yep Association's Ladies Group has hosted the celebration of the International Women's Day at the Chung Ku Restaurant. The Lord Mayor Cllr Anna Rothery, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool & Cabinet member for culture, tourism & Events – Cllr Wendy Simon, Mandy Hamilton from the Merseyside Police and the leaders of the communities have joined the joyous occasion. There were in total about 100 guests attended the celebration.

The Chief Executive of the ladies group Mrs Nancy Chan has delivered a warm welcome speech to express her heart-felt thank you to everyone who have attended on the day.

The Lord Mayor has highly praised all the diligent ladies who have multitasking ability by keeping the family together, being a housewife and also helping to run a family business, yet still find time to do voluntary work for the association by both giving time and money to a good cause. She also praised the Chinese Community for bringing so much to the city and to the region including cultural and academic input and also business acumen which provides high boost to the local economy; plus highlighted Liverpool's Chinatown and Chinese Community playing an important role in the relation with China, especially the relationship with Shanghai.

Mrs. Liu (M.B.E) of Pagoda Art Centre has also given an inspiring speech and thanked See Yep Association's celebration event for providing a great platform and opportunity to the community to showcase their strengths and contribution to the society.

Deputy Chief Executive of the Ladies group Mrs. Yan has delivered a thank you speech to thank all the sponsors and community members' continuing support, contribution and generous donations to make the celebration event possible.

On the day, there were also excellent dance and singing performance from Pagoda Arts centre, See Yep members, and fabulous violin and mime Performance from local talented artists. The food provided by Chung Ku Restaurant was outstanding as always and the raffle draw prizes were second to none.

To organise this year's event was a very challenging one for the leaders and members of the association owing to the current fears of the Coronavirus, but thanks to all the support from everyone, it was as successful as always. Everyone enjoyed it and had a memorable day.



See Yep Association Ladies Group constitution was founded in 1986 and experience for more than 30 Spring and Autumns. Generation after generation comes with newer and better ideas. With 31 committee members they are a ladies group of diligence. Multitasking by keeping the family together, being a housewife and also helping to run a family business. Yet also finding the time to do voluntary work for the association by both giving time and money to a good cause. Once a year they celebrate International Ladies Day and it gets bigger and better every year. The whole Organisation is very proud of our Ladies Group, and may they continue to keep the good work up.




See Yep Association held the 2018 International Women's day celebration on Sunday 4th March at Chung Ku Restaurant. The Assistant Mayor of Liverpool & Cabinet member for Culture, Tourism & Events, Councillor Wendy Simon; Madam Bai, Consul Li and Consul Lu from the Consulate General of The People's Republic of China in Manchester, leaders of the Chinese Communities, our members, families and friends attended the event. There were great entertainment, shows and delicious food.











On Sunday 17th March 2013, See Yep Association's Ladies Group celebrated 'International Women's Day' at Chung Ku Restaurant in Liverpool

On the day the weather was not too good; quite windy and cloudy. But it did not ruin the atmosphere of the celebration.

Members from our Ladies Group dressed up beautifully for the occasion, arriving at the restaurant to set up and decorated the stage. Many raffle prizes were positioned for everyone to marvel.
The opening speech was by our Ladies Group's Chief Executive Mrs Chan, followed by Manchester's Consul General's wife Mrs Zhu Yu. She highlighted the women in China should have their rights respected. She also wished to encourage the overseas Chinese women to care and support for their families. She would like to see all Chinese women unite and work together.

The programme of the day was excellent. Wah Sing's School of Chinese Music teacher led his orchestra to play some classic Chinese music. Mrs Liu of the Pagoda Chinese Community Centre led her troupe to perform thraditional Chinese folk dance.

The highlight of the celebration was the raffle prize draw. We had £100, £85 & £50 cash prizes donated by the Bank of China. Chung Wah Supermarket donated lots of vouchers. Liverpool Chinese Bakery donated 5x£20 vouchers. Merseyside Police gave everyone free gifts in the form of mobile phone tags. We wish the people who did not win any prizes to have better luck next year.

Mrs Yuen, our Ladies Group's First Deputy Chief Executive presented her closing speech, thanking the supporters and donors. Specially thanks to David, manager of Chung Ku Restaurant for taking care of the audio facilities. Most of all, a big thank you to the owner of Chung Ku restaurant for providing the delicious food and excellent service.



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