Ever since the beginning of mankind, the human race have evolved through social interaction, and enjoyed living harmoniously in communities. This encouraged social advancement and progress. Each nation developed and prospered at its own pace.

Since the formation of our association in 1906 to the present day, we have managed to gain a long and rich history. During this long journey, our association had met with lots of difficulties and setbacks. Without hesitation, our past members tackled them with diligence, enthusiasm and determination. Our association has come through the difficult times with excellent result and happy outcome.

We are fortunate that, the members before us had made immense contribution in establishing such an ever progressing organisation for the Chinese community in the UK. Their tireless effort made our association one that we can be proud of. We have inherited a strong foundation, and we will follow our founders' ethos; to maintain links with our compatriots here in the UK and abroad, strengthen our links with China. Cooperate with peoples of all cultures to stride for a better future.

In the advent of the internet, we have embraced this modern technological advancement by creating this website to reach out to the world.

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